Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hold Me Tights

I've been looking for a classic pair of black on black backseam tights for a while now, and finally discovered a reasonably priced pair at American Apparel! They have several other color options, if you prefer to deviate from the classic. I know backseam tights can seem a little dominatrix, but, if done right, I think they're a timelessly feminine piece. I kept finding interesting variations like polka dots and trellis-y designs, but I wanted the classic 1950's kind ever since I burned through all four seasons of Mad Men last fall and got inspired by the show's costume design. The women's clothing on MM features such precise tailoring, sumptuous colors, and modest sex appeal. I'm already a big fan of tights and leggings with skirts and dresses, but I also love pairing tights (especially opaque or knit) with a pair of tailored trouser-type shorts or classic Levi's denim shorts. This way, you can still wear your shorts when it's chilly out!

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